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Default Re: Prescott Falls Over Laughing at Amir Khan Chin Hype

Originally Posted by Thomas!! View Post
Yer I also felt he won it too mate, but boxings subjective and in the judges eyes he obviously didn't do enough and was gassing hard in the late rounds. Like I said, he had the opportunity but blew it. he has to get the W, an L with a few people saying he deserved the nod is just not good enough.
He fought McKloskey in his back yard though, Khan didn't. You have to remember that Khan has had a lot more oppourtunities than Presscott has. Presscott has never had a big name promter to hand pick all of his fights like Khan did early on and he never had the chance to train with a world class trainer either. I think Presscott is too big for the weight, that's why he gases.

When they fought, he had him "Khan in 60 seconds" and he's always begged for a rematch. Khan vs Presscott 2 would have sold a lot better than AK vs PM. I do agree that Khan should beat him now but if he'd had had the lack of oppourtunities and advice Presscott has had he'd be no better imo. Just give him a rematch, I'd buy that, what I won't buy is Khan beating Peterson in a total formality. Peterson may even be slightly better than Presscott but there is no danger there at all.
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