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Default Re: Who do you consider the greatest fighter of all time?

Note to EVERYONE!!!!

Study the great Harry Greb.

Record 261-19-18 ( 48 )

Has more wins than anyone in history!

Beat more Hall of Famers than anyone in history!

Fought and beat many men outweighing him by substantial margins! In fact, he beat every heavyweight he ever fought!

Fought the last 5 years of his career blind in one eye!

The ONLY man to defeat the great Gene Tunney!

What did other people say about this great man.....

The fastest fighter I ever saw. Hell. Greb is faster than Benny Leonard.
– Jack Dempsey

Greb gave me a terrible whipping. My jaw was swollen from the right temple down the cheek, along the chin and part way up the other side. The referee, the ring itself, was full of my blood. If boxing was afflicted with the commission doctors that we have now, the first fight probably would have been stopped and no one would have heard of me today.
– Gene Tunney

"He could hit from impossible angles. Once, after Harry missed a right to my face, he spun all the way around so that his back faced me. I relaxed my guard and waited for him to turn around. But before I knew what was happening, his left was stuck in my mouth. I still don't know how he did it, but he hit me while his hands faced in the opposite direction."
– Mickey Walker

Greb may have been the greatest fighter, pound-for-pound, who ever lived. Certainly, he was among the top 2 or 3. He combined the speed of Ray Robinson, the durability of Jim Jeffries, the stamina of Henry Armstrong, and the unbridled ferocity of Stanley Ketchel with a will to win unsurpassed in the annals of sport. At his peak, he was unbeatable, defeating virtually every middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight of his generation. A great, great fighter.
– Historian Eric Jorgensen
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