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Default Re: Ali vs Foreman : 2

Originally Posted by Duodenum
"In the Corner" by Dave Anderson has been on my acquision list. Coming from you Stonehands, that is indeed high praise. I never thought George had the reflexes to carry off the crab defense that Archie had. I could understand how it might be effective for a short boxer trying to defend against uppercuts, but George was too tall for that to be practical. Archie did sustain an awfully long and busy career with it though, and never displayed any issues with brain damage. (I loved it, when during a prefight staredown, Archie would give his charge's opponent the evil eye right along with his boxer. This was especially entertaining before Eddie Mustafa Muhammad's match with Snipes. Staring down one set of eyes is one thing, but two?)

Arcel always spoke highly about Louis, and how, during pre-fight instructions, Joe would see Ray and say, "What, you here again?" Great anecdotes.
My apologies! I meant "especially the FORMER"... Corner Men is superior in my opinion.

As to Moore's style... it is hard to fault anything about the style of a fighter with that kind of longevity but I fail to see how that defense was anything but a liability for him. Even Durell was able to punch around it and through it. I am a believer in the selective appearance of the pugilistica dementia gene. Some fighters have it (Bowe, Norris are notable recent fighters exhibiting symptoms) and some don't (Moore, Duran). Someday, medical science will be able to identify who has it and who doesn't and we'll call the ensuing era the "Great Resurgence"!)
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