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Default Re: How will history remember David Haye?

Originally Posted by ludwig View Post
He had a good run. As a cruiser he is perhaps Top 10 atg worthy, but that's because the division is new. If you counted all the many heavyweights of the past that fought at 200 then I suppose Haye is not Top 10 atg, cause he didn't accomplish enough.

He's definitely not 2nd behind Holy, as Booth would have it. To do that Haye would have needed to defend the titles more than once. Haye's legacy as a cruiser is questionable imo because I'm unsure he beats Adamek at that weight (though I believe Haye annihilates Adamek at heavy). Prime Adamek would land and dodge more shots than Fragomeni, be quicker, and probably have more stamina than Haye in the late rounds. We don't have enough evidence to really evaluate Haye as a cruiser.

I don't believe in the retirement. Haye will be back in the mix before 2012 is over. Hopefully he'll fight in the USA against Adamek or Arreola--that is what the fans want to see. Haye's best weight is 210-15. He should come back, ignore K2, and fight the best guys his own size.
its tough for me to put Haye high at cruiser

when Gomez and Jirov and Nelson all had long reigns with many defense

he gets legacy help cause he is one of the few cruisers to ever unify

he just doesnt have many title fights
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