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Default Re: How will history remember David Haye?

Originally Posted by Rob887 View Post
In that case history should remember Wlad as equally as 'cowardly.'

I don't think Haye will be remembered at all really in the grand scheme of things, though he gets a decent mention at CWl. However slating him for his performance against Wlad, a guy twice his size, whilst letting Wlad off scott free is just ridiculous.
Nah, Wlad was coming forward and wasn't throwing much either but that's how Wlad always fight. History has already been written that Wlad has a glass chin.

Haye was just another fight for Wlad. Wlad was THE fight for Haye. There's a big difference there. A lot of history's memory is how you perform in your biggest fights. And I don't think history will care too much about the size difference and give Haye a pass on that like you do.
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