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Default Re: Badr Hari, hype job or real deal?

Originally Posted by MrMagic View Post
There are also "accounts" of Tyson knocking Wesley Snipes out cold in a hollywood bathroom, but that doesn't make it so, does it?

There simply isn't no evidence of Vitali ever being knocked out, let alone legitimately knocked down. So, next....

Badr Hari couldn't take Semmys jab. PERIOD AND THE END.
Gary Turner defends his claims to critics

Background time...

Pele had some success at boxing, he did pick up a version of the Intercontinental Heavyweight title. But no further unfortunately. Sorry for getting the year wrong - I've been around a bit, lol! Back then I was competing all over the place in one British Team or another, lol!

I'll try and track down Chris McNeish, see if he has the copy.

But trust me, it was a jump spinning kick, the heel caught Klischko's jaw, and pole axed him.

My name is associated with the quote because I posted following Vitali's interview when he said it was a leg kick, when it wasn't. Although it was a kick with the leg, it was light continuous, and it struck him on the jaw. So I posted the correction, everyone told me I was telling porkies, lol, so I obviously defended what I had said.

I was there on the edge of the mat. I saw it. I know what I saw. It was an incredible shot.

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