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Default Re: Steven Wills fighting for IBO Light Welterweight Title

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post

Holyfeild lost his shot at the WBO, then the WBA title, he didnt fight for 2 years and then his first fight back was for the lowly WBF title. Not even sure how he got the shot at it when he had been inactive for 2 years. Then again its the trend with scummy orgs like the IBO etc, as we seen with the Paul Briggs fight they allowed, Paul hadnt fought in 3 yrs.

And its not confirmed holyfeild is fighting Pov, he went chasing the guy all the way to Germany to watch his show in order to call him out for a crack at his title. At this stage its a possibility only, no one has been given any confirmation, dates or purses amounts. WBF title wasnt the first title he had won anyhow, Idiot brain is just clutching at straws and trying to bat for his boyfreind Phil Austin.

Idiot Brain cant even explain why other more worthy boxers have been given the slip. Truth be known its because they are not boyfreinds with Phil Austin so they dont get the same oppertunities, the title shots sadly do not go to the most deserving ranked fighters and its guy like Phil Austin who allow this to occur, they should be named and shamed.

Two wrongs also dont make a right, so talking about WBA, WBF etc is not relevant to this conversation. We are talkn about the IBO dip sht, not any other orgs, go jump on a Mundine thread if you want to talk about the WBA.

Is this obesssion kinda like the one you got in which you defend everything the IBO do, even if the decisions made are clearly in the wrong? Im already married btw ****er, you missed the memo lol
Make your mind/s up. You're the re**** who first mentioned the WBF in this thread.

So, you finally got married. I always said you'd make a good wife for someone someday. Poor Fr****75 will be devastated you're no longer available.
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