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Default Re: Steven Wills fighting for IBO Light Welterweight Title

Originally Posted by Johnny Boy View Post
Make your mind/s up. You're the re**** who first mentioned the WBF in this thread.

If your going to call someone a re**** and make groundless accusations in order to defend yourself from the lack of knowledge about boxing you possess then you should atleast try do a little reading firsthand and avoid making an ass out of yourself.

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Nobody needs to explain anything to you, you ****ing cat.
Complete farces are orgs that have mutliple world champions in the same division. Haven't heard you demand an explanation from the WBA re their heavy title farce. You must think the Pov/Evander fight is ok?
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The last time I looked there aren't mandatories for the Commonwealth title.
Does that make it a worthless title, gerbil?
and here it comes..
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Didn't Evander just give up the WBF title so he could fight Pov? The WBF can't be that bad if one of it's champs is fighting for a legit belt, now can it?
You have gone from WBA, Commonwealth to WBF in your defence of the IBO and then have the gaul to alledge that it was i whom first brought up the WBF when i point out to you that this topic is not about other orgs.

Brain dead karnt you are.
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