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Default Re: Steven Wills fighting for IBO Light Welterweight Title

Originally Posted by Johnny Boy View Post
Gerbil, who first mentioned the WBF in this thread, you or me?

I told you that you are ****ing re****ed for first mentioning the WBF in this thread and then later saying that references to the WBF are not relevant to this conversation. And you even went to the effort of posting a vid of a WBF fight in a thread in which you say it's not relevant.

What exactly has your last post proved, other than your level of mental incompetence?
Why are you playing the fool?

Calling yourself re****ed? it was YOU not I whom first made ANY mention of the WBF in this thread dip****. Ive already pointed this out, would you like me to rub it in a second time?

Post #54 by you.. the first to mention the WBF in this thread.

Didn't Evander just give up the WBF title so he could fight Pov? The WBF can't be that bad if one of it's champs is fighting for a legit belt, now can it?
Can you find a single post in this thread in which i have mention the WBF prior to your comment above (post #54)?
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