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Default Favorite Fighters

This isn't about who you think is the best and who is the greatest...just who you like or admire.
I love agressive strikers who go for the kill and will just try and destroy their opponents so my fighters will be lopsided to that way.

Mauricio Rua
Sheer agreesiveness and vicious striker, good on the ground.
First fight i saw him in against Kanehara(?)
He did a flying stomp and got his heel right in Kaneharas eye, he then just started booting him and stomping on him mercilessly.
It was awesome.

Wanderlei Silva
More aggressiveness, His fight against Kondo was brutal, he got 5 pinpoint stomps on Kondo and just crushed him. His fight with Rampage are legendary as well.
Wanderlei is just amazing, so vicious and aggressive......I love it

Anderson Silva
Another aggressive fighter! Will just crush you with kness and lazer sharp strikes. Good grappler as well.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
I love aggressive strikers so I never really liked Nog, until i saw the Crocop fight. He was getting his head booted in and was being the 2nd round he was able to reverse it and put Crocop in an amazing submission. Oustanding heart and determination.

Sergei Kharitonov
A guy with a mean streak, very good technical boxer, and great ground game. On paper he has it all, Great chin,great stand up, great grappling...unfortunately he hasn't been very good lately....
Had some bad losses, but at 26 he has lots of time left and i hope he becomes champion.
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