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Default Re: Bruce Wood**** v David Haye

Originally Posted by thistle1 View Post
But Haye would have a hard time with some of these boys, quite simply they fought in a more competetive era. Someone also made the mistake of refering to 'domestic' level. There was no such thing back then, they were world classed or they weren't and the British title was second only to the world title.

completely different world of boxing then, completely!
I think you make a good point but I still think in the weights over middle the fighters of the day needed international opponets to gage themselves as world class. In the lower weights there was enough competition to develop world class fighters without testing them against americans -ted kid lewis, jack kid berg, freddie welsh, jock mcvoy etc etc in those classes a british champ was as good as a world champ- he just had not been to newyork.

I just dont think there was quite the competition above middleweight. Fighters like farr and harvey grew through the weights from boys and carried that development with them into the weight class but a lot of british and euro career heavyweights (rare as they were) could simply be big oafs without a traditional boxing background. Boxing is a working class sport, before WW2 the working classes simply did not produce anywhere near the percantage of HW sized men as their american cousins.
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