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Default Re: Prospect watch: Rocky Jerkic

Originally Posted by perfect jet View Post
The punch that impressed me was his lead right uppercut. He throws it from a distance but he has the reach and speed to land it. Not many can land that punch.

From what i saw, he is a bit of a sucker for catching right hands over his low jab. Thats something he needs work on.

And as with any young kid with potential who turns pro....putting labels on them like " future star" can be a bit over zealous and bombastic. Its best to wait to see how they handle going 8, 10 rounds with decent opposition before you get a true guide.

Lots of kids with am backgrounds look a million dollars over 4 rds sparring and early pro fights. The important part is whether they can keep it all together over longer fights against fighters who ask questions of them.
Well put Jet. Guess we'll all be a bit wiser on Wednesday night.
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