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Default Re: Ali vs Foreman : 2

Originally Posted by Stonehands89
My apologies! I meant "especially the FORMER"... Corner Men is superior in my opinion.
Good! (Then I'm already over halfway there.)
As to Moore's style... it is hard to fault anything about the style of a fighter with that kind of longevity but I fail to see how that defense was anything but a liability for him. Even Durell was able to punch around it and through it. I am a believer in the selective appearance of the pugilistica dementia gene. Some fighters have it (Bowe, Norris are notable recent fighters exhibiting symptoms) and some don't (Moore, Duran). Someday, medical science will be able to identify who has it and who doesn't and we'll call the ensuing era the "Great Resurgence"!)
This is a view widely held about the Quarry's, that they may have been especially predisposed to developing this condition. (When Willie Pep passed away, the anti-boxing press identified his cause of death as pugilistica dementia, but by age 84, I'm inclined to give Willie a free pass. If that old, anybody could be suffering the effects of senility. However, if I was Laila Ali, I'd be monitoring my neurological health very carefully, considering her father's Parkinsonian outcome.)

It doesn't seem though, that boxers of earlier eras were particularly inclined to develop issues with brain function earlier in life, despite competing infinitely more frequently than they have in recent decades.
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