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Default Re: Bruce Wood**** v David Haye

Originally Posted by burt bienstock View Post
U, No way David Hayes beats the tough, sturdy and dead-game Tommy Farr. The way Farr almost whipped a prime Joe Louis shows me Farr would
beat David Haye. Aside from a Lenox Lewis, Tommy Farr was the best big man Britain ever produced.A tough SOB was brave Tommy....
I agree.
Haye wouldn't even put up a proper fight. He'd make it boring by being so negative and defensive. Farr would win a landslide decision.

Anyway, Haye is the product of a different era. He could afford to avoid young HW contenders and still get his shot at the real champion, and pick up his own "heavyweight championship of the world" in the meantime. In Farr's day, he would have had to fight a few more young tigers just to get a 100th of the column space and coverage he's been gifted in today's world.
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