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Default Re: 12 min interview with Manny

Originally Posted by MAIN View Post
While it doesn't mean much in a contractual agreement sense, this video still shows that he himself is saying he is down for the blood test and for the fight. Lil floyd has all the power and can make them look like idiots if he calls their bluff with a contract and say's sign it, but he won't
yea it's unfortunate man.. if only it were that simple.

I don't think either man is afraid of the other. Both these men are way too skilled, experienced, and confident to fear another fighter, imo.

I always wonder if some live, televised.. contract negotiations is what this fight needs. I'm sure millions would tune in to hbo if they set something like that up... and both men have too big of egos to not come to an agreement if they were sitting face to face infront of millions of fans.

but again.. if only things were that simple.
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