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Default Should a champion fight bums or multiple rematches to stay busy?

I'll admit I was a little surprised to see all of the blowback Wlad received for fighting Mormeck. Wlad isn't ducking anybody, and he isn't only fighting once a year against a cherry-picked patsy. He simply wishes to stay active whilst waiting for better challengers, and I couldn't understand the negative reaction to doing that.

It wasn't long ago I remember seeing people (respected writers included) lamenting the fact that most top fighters never fight more than 40-50 times anymore. They saw that as one of the biggest reasons nobody in the modern era could ever qualify for GOAT status; they didn't have 100+ fights like they did back then.

The problem is that a lot of those classic hall of famers would fight chaps with records like 7-11 (Jimmy Mandell) 46-26-13 (Izzy Jannazzo) and 30-19-6 (Vic Dellicurti) while in their primes - sometimes 3-4 times, even after knocking them out in previous bouts. Surely Mormeck is a worthier opponent for Wlad than Mandell was for SRR?

I reckon this begs the question: is it better for a top fighter to fight every single challenger without regards to their qualifications or should the top fighter wait for the worthiest opponent to be ready and willing to challenge him even if it means long periods of remaining idle?

The secondary question to this, of course, is does this mean that we're either being too hard on the likes of Wlad, or perhaps not hard enough on some of the questionable opponents chosen by some of these ATGs from the past?
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