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Originally Posted by cesare-borgia View Post
On the experiences he had sparring with his brother Wladimir earlier in their careers:

“You know what, believe it or not we never fight with each other. I like my brother very much and a couple of times we tried sparring together, and we’d always get injuries. I don’t why. Maybe it’s because we have the same blood and that we’re like magnets where plus-to-plus doesn’t work and minus-to minus also doesn’t work. Last time we sparred, Wladimir made a side step and I broke his bones"
Vitali is a rough guy. I guess I pick him. He is also an extremely underappreciated ring tactician. What he's doing looks awkward but is really not (i.e., he's not clumsy). Hard to describe, but he has invented a style all his own that is super effective. The fight would be brutal as long as it lasted though. Lots of blood probably. Too bad we'll never get to see it. If those two guys weren't related and they had a Zale-Graziano type trilogy, we wouldn't be saying the division stinks.
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