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Default Re: Should a champion fight bums or multiple rematches to stay busy?

Originally Posted by demigawd View Post
That's true, but in many ways, that makes it even worse because there's no real element of risk. I'd WANT my champ to put the title up every time. I want him to show supreme confidence even with the possibility that some 27-17 guy will manage to fight the fight of his life or, I dunno, bodyslam me on my shoulder and have it ruled a knock out.

Would it actually make it more acceptable if Wlad fought Mormeck in a non-title bout?
most of the non title bouts were fought over the limit like sugar ray was 160 champ fight was at say 65

i mean its good for activity and allows champs to stay sharp n fresh

And Mormeck Wlad is title worthy as Mormeck is ranked and unbeaten at the weight not the best challenger but worthy enough of title fight
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