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Default Re: Better Athlete: Pacquaio or Mayweather?

Originally Posted by puga_ni_nana View Post
mosley is a bad comparison since mosley elected to fight pac and floyd in a different way. also i did not remember floyd pushing mosley around but used his speed to attack and pull back against mosley.

also i don't know about floyd's mile time but elite boxing athletes could certainly do 6:00 in 1mile or 1.6km. i'm hardly an athlete but i can actually run 8:00/mile in my current state and would get it to 7:00 given a week or two to train.

the last time i heard pac ran, he was doing an easy pace 7:20/mile for a short 5k run and that was the beginning of his training camp for marquez. i have no doubt that pac could do 6:00/mile on his top form.
Yea Floyd was actually pushing Mosley around the ring. When Mosley would try to hold Floyd(something he was doing all night) Floyd was easily pushing him out of the way. Even Manny Steward said Floyd is more physically stronger than Mosley.

When I read about Manny doing 6:30 to 6:42 miles it was close to the Cotto fight. Then I remember Floyd running and saying he did a mile in 6 flat. Kelly Pav said he does his miles around the same speed as Manny does. Manny's feet are probably quicker but he doesn't run faster. Even if you watch Floyd play basketball he looks pretty damn fast on the court.

I just think that Floyd is a better athlete because in his prime he was faster(it can be debated now). He has better reflexes. From Mosley's point of view he is physically stronger. Also from what I've read he runs his miles faster than Manny.
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