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Default Re: Better Athlete: Pacquaio or Mayweather?

Originally Posted by bballchump11 View Post
you both are wrong about Floyd

The man you see here can run a 5-minute mile and bust out 40 pullups and 200 situps without breaking a sweat. But don't call it a workout. When Floyd Mayweather Jr. trains, it's a show.
i'm not actually wrong. my point is elite boxing athletes could do 6:00 mins a mile. so if floyd can do it in 5 then i'm still correct. also please note that you can actually sustain a faster pace in a shorter distance. so if pacquiao can do a sustained 6:00/mile pace for 3 miles, then i had no doubt that he could also do 5 in a mile.

i searched and got to a running forum where a guy knows pac's pacemate brian livingston and said that pac can do a 6mins/mile pace on times that he feels like it and note that it is for the whole 3 miles or maybe even more.

Brian's my teammate, he actually just got back from Philippines about 3 weeks ago....pretty much spot on, all these stories about pacquiao seem to just get blindly handed from one "mainstream" sportswriter to the next....albeit with zero fact (or reality) checking. Brian did say that manny likes to finish with a little 200-300m kick at the end of his runs, but these runs are 20-25min tops on most days, and usually start close to 8min pace, and finish not much faster than 7flat on a good day. that said, he says there have been the odd occasion where pacman likes to hit 6min pace for the whole run, but that's few and far between.
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