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Default Re: Gotta give credit to the man

Originally Posted by Straight Shoota View Post
Im a Mundine fan(on his boxing skills) just the same as I am Greeny or Geale.
Mundine has taken a fair bit of flack,yes,most deserved,but to be honest,there should be no negative talking about his bout last night.
Mundine made weight,looked like skin and bone(looked like **** to be honest),had a disrupted preperation,against a guy whos ranked,younger,fought at that weight,coming off a title loss at that weight infact,the guy comes from a fighting family,has the experience etc etc and is a monster in size at the weight.
Mundine picked him apart simple as that,congrats on the win and hopefully he can fight Trout now.
Alls im saying is,come on guys,he does deserve credit this time.

Yeah he beat a robot. But in impressive fashion none the less.
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