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Default Re: Elli Seckback - Fan or Not

I have mixed feelings about Elie.

At times I think he’s total re****, and can’t for the life of me understand how he gets the sort of opportunities most reporters would kill for. He doesn’t know **** about the sport or how to do his job, and yet he was a friggin’ ringside press scorer at the Rios-Acosta fight ? I mean, he had his name and scores read out by Al Bernstein, live on TV. The **** is world coming to?

But with that said, he’s still one of the very first people I go to when getting my daily YouTube fix. At least his interviews, however unprofessional and re****ed they are, invoke a bit of fun, laughter and entertainment. I’d much rather watch his stuff than the countless others who give us the same boring **** all over. How many times can you be bothered listening to a fighter come out with “Yes, I’m looking forward to this fight, training’s going well bla bla bla”. **** that. I’d rather see Rios and his friends laugh at Elie. Or Khan answer random stupid questions. Or Floyd call him a butt-kisser. Or Miguel Diaz tell him to **** off and leave his fighter alone.

So yeah, keep up the good work, Elie.
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