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Default Re: Elli Seckback - Fan or Not

I have mixed feelings about Elie.

At times I think he’s total retard, and can’t for the life of me understand how he gets the sort of opportunities most reporters would kill for. He doesn’t know shit about the sport or how to do his job, and yet he was a friggin’ ringside press scorer at the Rios-Acosta fight ? I mean, he had his name and scores read out by Al Bernstein, live on TV. The **** is world coming to?

But with that said, he’s still one of the very first people I go to when getting my daily YouTube fix. At least his interviews, however unprofessional and retarded they are, invoke a bit of fun, laughter and entertainment. I’d much rather watch his stuff than the countless others who give us the same boring shit all over. How many times can you be bothered listening to a fighter come out with “Yes, I’m looking forward to this fight, training’s going well bla bla bla”. **** that. I’d rather see Rios and his friends laugh at Elie. Or Khan answer random stupid questions. Or Floyd call him a butt-kisser. Or Miguel Diaz tell him to piss off and leave his fighter alone.

So yeah, keep up the good work, Elie.
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