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I've been examining my lifestyle lately, and I just realize that I have to make many improvements.

I've been thinking about a lot of things. Money is #1... Getting regular, normal sleep is #2... Nutrition #3.

I really wish I had enough money right now, so I could just take time off work and I wouldn't be stressed about it.

Ok... I'm gonna make a confession.I have a lot of social anxiety and often I feel very self-conscious.

I have to say I like to work alone, and I don't often listen to people (even coaches,trainers).
Sometime, I look not very approachable. People tell me I look always angry or stressed. I have good reasons to be angry,bitter at life but I want to leave that part of me behind so that I can get better at boxing (more specifically in this case, defense). Forgive,forget and move on so to speak.

From this day on, I'm gonna make improvements in my attitude... I'm gonna start listenning, and I'm gonna start working with people. if only to improve my fledging defensive and add to the good humor at my gym!

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