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Default Re: Why Does Pacquaio get credit

Originally Posted by bballchump11 View Post
because his fans are stupid and he kisses the media's ass while Floyd is cussin them out

that's not true at all. The only fighter Floyd was bigger than on the day of the fight was Marquez. You can't name one other fighter that Floyd outweighed since earlier in his career

see this is the **** that ****es me off. You go on to suck Pac's **** for fighting Marquez, Oscar, and Hatton and then so Floyd fight no namers

ahahah look at Kennys shameless bringing up Oscar. oh he got more than you. ahahah De lA hoya was ppv king no doubt shows how big Mayweather when he has to dish out Oscar.
How manmy ppvs has Oscar done since the Pac fight??

what a ****. looks like another douchebag american journo type
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