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Default Re: Why Does Pacquaio get credit

Originally Posted by Royal-T-Bag View Post
Pactards can't have it 2 ways.


Pac claimed he was too small for Cotto/ Margo/ DLH and that he was actually naturally a JWW so the catchweights and weight draining ain't a problem because it was done to level the playing field for the brave small guy but that means that he's cheating Marquez by being a natural JWW and forcing Marquez to fight at WW where Pac has proven effective and Marquez has proven useless.


Pac's claim that he's a natural JWW being brave and fighting bigger guys is full of shit and he's actually a full fledged WW now, so asking Marquez to fight at WW isn't as bad because Pac cannot make JWW (still bad because Marquez proved 2 years ago that he's useless at WW) but in this scenario you have to admit that he was cheating the bigger guys by making them weak and weight draining them.

It's one or the other, either he cheated the bigger guys or he's cheating Marquez or a little of both. Can't have it both ways where he's too small for WW vs bigger guys and too big for JW vs smaller guys.
he isNT cheating bigger guys. he isnt cheating marquez too at 140 too because imho, it would be the same result at 144 bec he isNT dehydrating at 144, its his natural training weight. 140 is easy for pac.
so why not 140 then if its easy for pac? mindgames, i explained this in a different thread.
the fair fight i think is around 137-38. obviously, team pac wouldnt go down this low, i need not explain why.
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