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Arrow Green, John, Tomilson - The three stooges

Forget about Quality, Green Machine Promotions have taken the route of Quantity above all in an attempt to yet again pillage the public and sell their home town cooked card in brining us all the three stooges boxing style.

“I don’t see this fight card ever being eclipsed from any fight sport in the country ever because this is an incredible achievement. To be able to put three world title fights on, all incredibly action packed fights,” Danny Green said.
Green is fighting a POLE who tried to commit suicide and its very possible that this guy is not stable right now, we could see a repeate of Briggs v Green. Looks like Dannys got a loan of a WBC title as he has never won it in his life.

Chris John is fighting a missmatched bout because they cant pay him 500k to fight a top 5 rated opponent. BTW, Johns opponent hasnt even been given the nod by the WBA yet, meaning they havent said they will sanction it for the WBA title. Johns people have sold their souls to Green machine promotions. They have no pride and have stooped to an all time low. This is one of the worst opponents John has faced, will the media or Green machine tell the public that? Craig looks like he has sold out also.

John is a super star yet he is going to be a support bout? talk about bending over and taking it up the ass Craig.

Will Tomilson is fighting fark knows who, it changes all the time, the belt is vacant so im guessing he had it on loan from Phil Austin after his trainer gave Philly a blow job in the car park! How on earth Tomilsons currently reported opponent even got a fckn shot just blows my mind, or in this case blows Austin all night long because lets face it, the only way this sht happens is if you either blow some fck like the **** you are or you pay someone off. So which of the two is it mr Hudson and mr Austin? This karnt vs Tomilson is a joke, why dont you just give Will the title now, exciting fight hey? fck off you load of cum drinking junkies! This is fraud what you assholes are doing! Its against IBOs own rules but hey, as JB IBO suck monkey has pointed out, its at the IBOs discretion meaning they do wtf they wanna do and dont give 2 fcks about the fans or ratings. Its a PAWN shop, the title goes to the highest bidder and he gets to hand pick a dud opponent to ensure his investment comes through!

Will Tomilson your a farkn Joke and an embarasment to this country. Have a real go you mug karnt instead of laying down and having sht handed to you. Sucky Sucky Much Poofta!

The Three stooges!

The End!
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