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Default Re: Chris John's opponent on Green card

Originally Posted by buster007 View Post
its obvious with having green and his opponent, plus chris john, that there would be little money to get a top fighter to sign up.

u can't have it all u know. people should be thankful that they managed to get john to fight here at all.
and folks this is whats wrong with boxing fans these days, happy to settle for sht when they are told its gold.

Greens opponent wouldnt have cost him much. Tomilson will be fighting for his normal purse which is not a great deal, Johns camp are not getting the 500k they claim they get fighting each time in Indonesia, they will be lucky if they get half of that, imo John isnt getting any money other than the PPV revenu for his country. If anything Green may chip in some money but it wouldnt be much.

There is no excuse for what the IBO is doing in terms of Tomilson, he dont even deserve the shot. then again its a bullsht title so its to be expected. It will not be a great fight as has been made out, call it what it is instead of buttering it up and then when you loose crying wolf, oh the pressure or promtions haha.

Dannys desprate to win some title so he has plucked the pole 6 weeks after he come out of Hospital in an inducedd coma for an OD on anti depressents, ducking Tarver in the process and making up utter lies as to the reasons why.

As for being thankful John is fighting, you cant be for real
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