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Default Re: "Mr 4 Time" and his world class jab

Prince Naseem's fall from the big time? He got the living **** beat out of him by Barrera and retired one fight later! Not sure what being a pround Muslim had to do with that![/quote]

One of the myths among casual boxing fans is that barerra destroyed naz, he beat him fair and square but it wasn't as dominant as people pretend it was, pushing someone into a turnbuckle doesnt score points you chump. If Naz had made a triumphant return post 9/11 on HBO I hardly think him shouting praise be to allah would have gone down well with the gullible USA public, fact is Naz was done with boxing and US tv was done with Naz.

Originally Posted by AustraHungarian View Post
Actually I think his 9/11 comments have jack **** to do with his lack of interest in the US! Basically, he is ****ing boring! Junior middleweight is chock filled with exciting fighters, eg: Cotto, Angulo, Saul Alvarez, Margo, Kirkland so what would inspire any network to give The Pioneer an airing? Possibly his awesome decision wins over the likes of Soon Botes and Carlos Aden Jerez or his propensity for getting brutally KO'ed (Ottke, Wood) and hitting the canvas (Nishizawa, Siaca, Kim)!
Lol really weak argument if you think any of the fighters above could rival Choc for pre fight hype you are deluded he's made for tv. Untested saul, cheating marg, one round ko victim kirkland, green card angulo etc etc

Originally Posted by fast hands View Post
Bonjour Dirty Pierre,
I see you are back to your delusional best.
CHB must be having a leisurely breakfast. Expect a savage mauling
when he finally reads this tripe.

Au Revoir mon ami.
Lame bro. The only thing 20a87'sCHB has savagely mauled in his life is his micro ***** while he reads my posts.

Originally Posted by PorkChopExpress View Post
He currently fights like the crop of heavies out there now... Inactive and boring to watch
Somebody only likes **** poor windmill boxing....

Originally Posted by darkhorse View Post
..yep the NSWRL blacklisted him and the whole of the USA has blacklisted him...The Man sure has enemies in high places..
...actually that's his best excuse ever...and I'd forgotten all about it..'s a ****en conspiracy...the whole world is against him..
Nubdine is one of the world's greatest athletes and the fact he is hated in his own country is a travesty, luckily the streets recognise talent.
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