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Default Re: Green, John, Tomilson - The three stooges

Originally Posted by buster007 View Post
what's wrong with these fights.
Pretty sure i just outlined whats wrong with these matchups. Farkn have a read ya moron. Why dont you tell me whats RIGHT with them? how is it that these WT fights can be made when two opponents in these WT fights are not WT material. Nothing more than a one sided fight, not much fun when you know for certian what the outcome is going to be, the only ones fooled into thinking its going to be an even fight are idiots like you!

Originally Posted by buster007 View Post
the best card anywhere in the world this year.
Ive seen better shobox cards then this. Do you Green lovers actually watch any boxing or just suck off Dannys nob all day long? Bettingmans got it right!

the 2 best cruisers in the world. tomlinson the best young fighter atm. and chris john the most underrated fight in the world.
Two best CWs in the world are the POLE who tried to commit suicide 2 months ago and a fckwit who got schooled every round by a half shot Tarver? have you completely lost your mind? Tomlinson is the most over rated fighter in this country, anyone can look good bashing bums, have you seen him go toe to toe with the best in the VIC amateurs, he dont bowl them over and is flat out hurting his opponents, put a fighter in with a bum any day and he will look the goods which is what Tomilsons camp have been doing for a very long time now, his record is proof of this.

Chris John is also over rated. If he wasnt then he wouldnt be an undercard for some guy whos not even a world champion and he wouldnt take a pay cut just to appease Danny Green. If he was all this and that why the fck have they bent over for Green Machine promo and taken it up the ass?

u just ****ed that u r going to hand over your 50 bucks for it and u need to tell someone but u just don't want to be caught being a hypocrite.
Why would i complain about missmatched bouts and then go hand over 50$ to watch it you moron, i dont need to pay money to watch it, i can watch it for free in a number of ways. The only money i may spend is in placing a bet on the POLE to smash the fck out of Danny Booshay Green.
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