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Default Re: Trout Offers Mundine USA Title Fight
The Daily Telegraph can reveal management for Austin Trout, the WBA junior middleweight champion, are not only willing to fight Mundine in the States, but have offered up a New Year's Eve Showtime blockbuster.

The lucrative December 31 pay-per-view - which took only one phone call to confirm - completely embarrasses the Redfern fighter's claim that he cannot get a fight across the pond because . . . c'mon sing it Choc . . . "they're blacklisting me because of the September 11 (comment) . . . I feel it in my heart".

Sure, many Americans remain unhappy with Mundine for suggesting their country brought "upon themselves" those horrific 9-11 terrorist attacks. But as for some international blanket ban? Comparing himself to the Immortals carried more clout.

"Tell Anthony Mundine the ban's been lifted," Trout's manager Bob Spagnola said.

"Not only that, we're willing to offer him a New Year's Eve party. We're talking a title fight in America. On Showtime.

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"The network has already offered us the date if we can find an opponent.

"All Anthony has to do is say 'yes'."

Of course, for the New Year's Eve bout to go ahead, Trout must first beat Melbourne wharfie Frank LoPorto in Texas on November 11. If that happens, his team is confident the 26-year-old southpaw can continue his undefeated run by taking down two Aussies in as many months.

"Frank is a good, tough fighter," Spagnola continued.

"But Mundine, apparently he's a legend. I know he's giving you guys a lot of conspiracy theories, a lot of excuses.

"And that's fine. But we have a saying over here, 'fun is fun but when the sh*ts goes up the bull's a#se, that is bullsh*t'.'

"Anthony says he wants title fights in America. Well, it's time the rubber met the road," he said.

Spagnola also laughed off Team Mundine claims that his camp had baulked at coming Down Under.

"In four of his past six fights, Austin has travelled to Canada, Panama and Mexico twice. We offered a 50-50 split with options. They didn't want that.
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