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Default Re: Trout Offers Mundine USA Title Fight

Fck off the fight options and it should be a done deal, by throwing in these fight options it gives Mundine excuses not to make this fight happen.

Whilst the article is a nudge in the right direction it lacks alot of substance as we all know Mundines camp have been down this road before with Trouts manager. The sticking point is the optional fights on Mundines Career should he win. The ONLY Optional fight should be a rematch exercised at the discretion of the loosing fighter which is a common clause in most title fight contracts these days. If this was the case, which i feel it is not, then Mundine would have no excuse not to travel to USA and fight Trout.

A few things his manager leaves out in particular the money. All Mundine claims he wants is the PPV rights for Australia, which Trouts manager has fallen short of offering in this latest news release. The other concern is that he does mention OPTIONS which is a plural, meaning more than one. With that its safe to say that they dont just want a rematch option on Mundine should he win.

Trouts camp imo are playing games. Mundine just wooped the guy Trout went the distance with and it raises questions as to who would win between Mundine v Trout and if Trouts manager has concerns or not, after all if he was so confident why all these fight options ? scared he will loose his cash cow so he wants to make sure he makes some on Mundine if he looses his Trout.

Tell Mundine they will pay for Accomidation, travel expenses and a daily allowance for food etc whilst in USA before the fight, give him all PPV rights so he can sell it to AUS and make it clear the ONLY additional fight option is a rematch which is standard in all WT contracts.

What his manager has given us today is still very trivial and lacks substance. If he wanted to move on this he would have done what ive listed above and cut to the chase and stoped playing games.

thats my thoughts on it anyhow
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