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Default Re: Trout Offers Mundine USA Title Fight

Originally Posted by sallywinder View Post
mundog has an encyclopedia of excuses not to fight a live fighter. ive said it before, i'll say it again.....mundine will never fight trout. just like last time. he will dog it.
I think he can defeat trout and if i think that as an observing boxing fan then Mundine being the participant and weighing up his skills vs Trouts would be even more confident in himself and his own abilities as he is full of himself, he would think he could defeat Trout 10 times more than i did for example lol

Spoilt fighters like Mundine want it all their own way, its what he is used to, its also pretty standard to knock back additional fight options on a fighters career, Fenech did the same thing when the Germans wanted a 3 fight option on Danny should he defeat Beyer. In the end the WBC sorted it all out i believe.

Mundines put himself in the mandatory spot, what for exactly? to duck Trout? i dont think so, if he goes back up in weight then ill think otherwise, he stays on corse and initates the mandatory challenge, lets it go to bid etc then he cant back out, its something thats already set in motion, only mundine can de rail it now.
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