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Default Re: Trout Offers Mundine USA Title Fight

Originally Posted by Johnny Boy View Post
I can understand why there's somewhat of a negative view of the Chinese. They're running at 8%, which is by their standards a slowdown, whilst you lot and the U.S. are crying recession and want to get away from your own land. This century is gonna belong to them. The U.S. had their turn last century and you lot before them.

Why is being of Germanic stock so appealing to you? Is it true your Royal Family changed it's surname from a German one to the current one during World War 1 so the British peasentry wouldn't turn on them? I always thought it was a bit ****ed up that a German was sending British troops across the Channel to get killed by Germans.

Don't tell me those two imbeciles have convinced you I'm Tony
Oh Toni you can't fool an intelligent person like Josey. He knows the score.
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