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Default Re: Trout Offers Mundine USA Title Fight

Originally Posted by JOSEY WALES View Post
Look Mundine made those comments fir a reason and it's the same reason he burnt the union Jack ( anyone want to back him on that decision let's hear it now ) and that was so he NEVER had to fight a decent bloke in either America or the United Kingdom , clever ? Yes I suppose so but ****house akso I was a fan if this Mindune before he and his vile guru started their **** but how can any man true to himself be a fan of what these pair of ****z are doing ?
PP if you knew where the flag came from and what it represents you'd burn it too you thick tit stop trying to sound clever by regurgitating year 6 textbook logic. Mundine is a proud aboriginal with more conviction in his actions than most.

Originally Posted by bettingman View Post
Bro Ill wipe my backside with the union jack and then burn it in front of the queen. **** the monarchy.

Originally Posted by JOSEY WALES View Post
You will soon be looking to the queen and her army for support when China decides it likes the look of your land , great to see you all bowing down whilst in Her Majesty's presence on her latest tour of her commonwealth . "bro"
Chump, if you would bow down to another human because of their blood you are a totally spineless ***** which sounds about right for you.

Originally Posted by JOSEY WALES View Post
Listen up bro when we let you have Jul's we didn't know she would turn out so disrespectful To her queen but then most of the people born over Barry island way turn out like that when you put them in positions of power .
lol at this sheep .
You own yourself every time you type.

The trout "offer" to mundine means **** all, choc is the mandatory which means trout and his offers are irrelevant. He was too greedy so choc had to hunt him down through alvarez, trout must be kicking himself.
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