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Default Re: referee: Damien Casey WTF

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
Did anyone watch this moron ref the fight between Mostyn Niemann & Walter Pupu'a ?

Niemanns opponent is CONSTANTLY holding throughout the entire fight making it very frustrating for Niemann, Casey just gives up warning Pupua and decides to warn Niemann for holding and hitting. Ends up taking a point from Niemann but just lets the holding go!

double standards and completly incompetent, who is this moron and do they pay fckwits like this money or is it done for free?

They need to show this fckwit how to take a point away from a fighter for excessive holding. If your reading this Casey, go give youself an uppercut to the face you moron!

Turned a great fight into sht. The NZ guy should have been pulled up and then he would have stoped it and the fight would have been alot greater than it was. Allowing the NZ guy to hold over and over and over again is bullsht, this is boxing not a fckn wrestling match!

This sht is basic, Casey cant even get this sht right, send him back to referee the farkn amateurs. Whoever tests these guys needs to have a good look into the testing means, re testing, refresher courses etc cause some of these referees of late in terms of boxing in general have become complete and utter farkn morons, they ruin would could potentialy be a great fight into utter sht.
Just watched this fight as well. I think by around the 3rd rd mark the ref and given 3 official warnings to the guy for holding but keeps holding throughout the rest of the fight. No point is taken from him for the holding.
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