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Default Re: El Puma/Warpuma Chronicles

Sharpen the knife

Forget about body parts and think of your body as one piece. Think of your body as a functional weapon. Really.

Sitting around at dinner with some buddies 5 months ago I started to tell them how I wanted to be after the challenge was over. I said I wanted to be and look dangerous, like a sharp knife. Chiseled and athletic.

Now maybe you're not crazy and weird like me and you just want to lose belly fat. This will get you looking strong and lean fast.

It's this simple: Pick up weight from the ground and put it above your head. Rinse and repeat. Do exercises that work everything at the same time: Deadlift, squat, press, dips, pull-ups, clean and shoulder press. Train the body as one. Notice you don't need some fancy machine or gym to do this. Train your body as one piece anywhere.

Sleep like a baby

I like staying up late like the average guy but I had to end that after I learned how important early sleep is in the fat loss muscle building game. It's vital.

Turns out your best recovery occurs when your body releases this amazing thing called human growth hormone. it's released during your deepest sleep cycles. Simply put, it builds muscle and reduces fat while you sleep. This is crucial to seeing fast results naturally. Get to bed bed early tonight and get your 7-8 hours.
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