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Default Re: referee: Damien Casey WTF

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
exactly m8, then look how quick he warns and takes the point from Mostyn. The ref is a farkn moron, ive trained 14 yr old kids who would do a better job than this daff karnt. NSW boxing need to hang their heads in shame, how can they employ this guy when he is not competent to do the job?

the 10 count is just farkn hilariouse, if you combined what he does in the Mostyn fight and the Dib fight into a highlight reel it would make for one good ass **** take! NSW boxing have for some time now lacked in the area of competentcy, how this guy was even there refering a fight when he counts to 10 each time a fighter is knocked down is beyond me.

Its supposed to be PROFFESIONAL boxing yet ive seen better amateur referess than these idiots. People like Josey says its hard, like fck its hard, its hard if you got no backbone and your a weak dead sht karnt who doesnt know what he is doing.

I dont just have a go at someone for no good reason, Damien Casey has no place in a boxing ring being a referee. SACK HIM NOW!
i used to think people were harsh when they picked on you. but you literally are a deadset piece of ****.

u epitomize the term "keyboard warrior"...coming online hiding behind a screen slagging people off for incompetencies, like you never make a mistake in your job. in fact you probably dont have one, and if you did you would probably get fired....

coz your a ****

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