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Default Re: referee: Damien Casey WTF

Originally Posted by CapsLock View Post
i used to think people were harsh when they picked on you. but you literally are a deadset piece of ****.

u epitomize the term "keyboard warrior"...coming online hiding behind a screen slagging people off for incompetencies, like you never make a mistake in your job
And you epitomize the word "idiot!"

The guy made mistakes all night, watch the clips you moron. He counted to 10 twice after a knockdown and asked the fighter if he wanted to contuine, since when do you count a fighter out then ask him if he wants to contuine? I am not a trained proffesional in the area of referre and judge when it comes to boxing but fark me dead i atleast know the basics of boxing.

When you defend this rot you are no better than the fckwits who run that boys club in NSW boxing. Speak up and be counted, why ignore idoicy and incompetency and reward it? name and shame it, it should not happen in this sport, much sht gives the sport a bad name as it is then to top it off with incompetent officals and then just ignore their incompetency, doing so as i mention would only reward such actions and behaviour.

The majority of boxing fans know you dont count to 10 and then ask a fighter to contuine, how is it posssible a trained offical could do this twice? Is this karnt a window licker or does he have special medical requirments i should know about that would make his actions invalid that night? if not then go bark up someone elses tree you ****er, i raise solid points and provide video evidence, what do you offer?

Sht dribbler? much
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