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Default Geale,Mundine,Pitt news
Yet another could feature middleweight Pirog against Daniel Geale (David Lemieux was also offered the Pirog fight, but it was turned down. But Pirog-Geale is by far the best main event, so if Dzinziruk can be scrounged up a good opponent, that's my vote.
Dec 31
Anthony Mundine thinks he's being blackballed in America for his controversial remarks about 9/11, but the junior middleweight has never given anyone here much of a reason to care about him, and every time he's talked about fighting in the United States, he's often pulled back and taken on some schlub in Australia. I still wouldn't be completely opposed to a ShoBox- or ESPN2-style bout between him and Austin Trout. It's the right match-up for both men with something to prove.
20a87 looks like Daniel Geale commands more respect than the man overseas bra.
There's a cruiserweight prospect named Brad Pitt, out of Australia, and at least one account says he's pretty good. He could be fighting Victor Oganov, the once-fearsome knockout artist who didn't have much besides a big punch, but it's still a step up for Pitt. It's a fight to rival his acting namesake's battle pitting Tyler Durden against Tyler Durden. (Someone else come up with a better joke. I didn't have one in me, for some reason.)
Pitt V Oganov. Haven't seen Oganov since his loss to Wood in the Contender. Should be fun while it lasts.
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