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Default Re: Could Eubank's unique style have given Hopkins big problems?

Originally Posted by HEADBANGER View Post
no it hasn't i have explained everything i have said

you have just blatantly ducked my questions

i actually expected more of you

this is the reason why you've ended up resorting to personal abuse and sweeping statements instead of directly answering points.

i know a beaten egghead when i see one, i've just turned you into a scrambled egg
When you consistently use weight as an issue to downplay Hopkins' achievements and then suck off Hagler for having a win over a naturally smaller man I can't take you seriously.

I don't give a **** what spin you put on Hearns as an opponent. He came from a lighter weight class, so use the same logic. If you want to credit Hagler for that win, then give Hopkins credit for Tito.

Trinidad was THE FAVORITE going in against Hopkins. That's how convinced the establishment was of the Monday morning quarterback bull**** you're spouting now.

Your train of thought is built on hate and I tore you to bits with easy logic. I can't help it if you won't accept that!
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