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Default Re: Could Eubank's unique style have given Hopkins big problems?

Originally Posted by SILENCER View Post
i am not gained.

hopkins was so good at promoting himself that for a decade his main claim to fame remained the answer to the trivia question of who Roy outclassed using one arm tied behind his back to win his first title.

Eubank has the worst possible style and personality for hopkins who had quite an active punch output and offensive aggression in his prime. Chrissy would bait hopkins without mercy, and catch him coming in all night just like Roy did.

Eubank was talented enough with enough popularity that he could float around for the bulk of his career with minimal training against mostly inferior opponents for big money compared to the peanuts and chicken bones Poppy was s****ping over. Eubank never realized his full potential of talent because he was always going to be more than mere fighter.

Don't think Chris would be much challenged by a little fighter who hit the canvas like clockwork and could be outboxed, outfoxed, and outworked.

at mw eubank takes this.

in answer to your question though benn is the best gauge we have,though overall he is not as good as hopkins he certainly ranks right up there with hopkins,and he was far more dangerous,i certainly rate watson,malinga,benn,rochigianni,wharton etc over keith holmes,antwun echols,robert allen and oscar at mw.
Eubank had the worst possible style for Hopkins? Eubank would bait Hopkins all night long?

do you understand what is going on when you watch a fight? you dumb****.

where the fuk do you get off making these blanket statements?

Eubank was sloppy and awkward when he couldn't fight at his pace. he would be stumbling around the ring reaching in with his half-assed combinations and wide right hands. Hopkins would be setting the rhythm here and he'd be the one capitalizing on Eubank's inconsistency and sloppiness.

as for Eubank baiting Hopkins, that is fuking laughable. Hopkins is far trickier than Eubank ever was. even if Eubank did "bait him all night long" (whatever the **** that means) Hopkins is compact and tight enough with his technique that he'd not be caught "coming in all night" you dumb****. how dare you compare RJJ to Eubank?

STFU and gtfo. I have wasted my time arguing with you.
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