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Default Re: Could Eubank's unique style have given Hopkins big problems?

Originally Posted by TG1 View Post
Mate for **** sake. Who would make up that they were at a fight which was held in a 70,000 seat arena? It was the easiest ticket in the world to get and you think you're a star for being at it?

We flew into Bristol airport and hired a car, which got locked in a multi story car park over night. Take my f*ckin word for it, at 3am it was ****in FREEZING because we wandered the streets until the carpark opened. You want me to remember the weather "through the day" for a fight that happened four years ago?

If I was going to make up a story I would tell you I was at Leonard vs. Hearns. Don't believe me because I couldn't care less, your line of questioning is embarrasing. I'll be in Vegas next year from April 30th - May 7th and will catch another superfight. I'll let you know what the weather was like when I get back
Man you are you too angry , my point was that I dont and still dont believe you , and the reason I ask the weather question is because you cannot just go and ****ing google it like all of the other keyboard hard men on here .

I ask questions like where were you sat , what did you do that day etc. Because I know most people on here are full of **** when it comes to the real thing.

If you did then peace , but right now all you have done is proved nothing.
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