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Originally Posted by Juxhin View Post
Its a decent idea, but honestly think would only be used for very high/elite level fighters. The problem is this, technology weighs if im not mistaken? If the tech weighs to much then the glove will weigh to much, if you take of padding to replace the weight then the tech will probably will break after a few rounds of bagwork and obviously less protection.. My idea would be, connecting your 'sensors' with a wire and the screen also and put it on your arm wrapped around, this way you can punch with good padding and keep track of their performance. Interesting thread though
One, I'm glad you think this is an interesting topic. My team thinks so too. It has been a really cool experience to talk with experienced boxers and look at all the possibilities. =D
Two, the technology limitations is probably why this product has not been created yet (the class project requires creating an entirely new product).

While the circuit board, sensors, and display are relatively light, it's the batteries that might hurt the desired weight the most. The computing power required to record and process the raw data into something meaningful is a lot more than we can design in a light, affordable battery.

My team has a boxer and he did not seem too concerned if there was some extra weight. Is this just one boxer's opinion and others are more sensitive to that factor?

Haha, I think the most frustrating thing about this product is that we know the technology exists to make this glove so that all of these concerns wouldn't matter, isn't cheap. That's a problem when our product is SUPPOSED to be available to the average boxer.
By the way, I hope everyone who takes the survey is answer as if everything works perfectly. The goal is to judge the glove assuming it will perform as we stated it would perform.
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