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Default Re: Robert Helenius...

Originally Posted by wallworkjake123 View Post
He hasn't got the best boxing skills, but he's exciting and fun to watch. A fight with him and Fury would be ****ing brilliant to watch.
Yeah for 2 rounds until Robbe tests Fury's chin, finds it seriously lacking and decides it soon enough to order dinner

Fury is a chinachinned bum. I once thought he was legit, but seeing him wobbled by novices and journeymen is getting old... a top fighter with the WILL to win will KO him.

As for Robbe.....abso****inglutely the real deal. People criticize him for his slow starts, taking too many punches, and poor footwork, but what they fail to see is that since about his 8th fight, he's systematically beaten his guy down until he saw the opportunity to bust him up. Once he smells a KO it's his to be had.
His slow pace works against his opponents, lulling them into a comfort zone, b/c when he decides it time to take them out, they're unprepared for the handspeed coming while he setting up his KO.
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