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Default Re: upcoming Medley fight ?

Originally Posted by whopperdong View Post
Love the sound track / effects, very epic.
lol the cunt was snorring, he really did get put to sleep.

Out of curiosity how much would a fighter like medley make for a fight with a similar opponent?
Yeah i was buzzing the other night when it was on, very very entertaining

lol yeah thats him snoring and his missus scraping him off the floor.

My first night as an 18 year old I hit this big fat fu*k who was talking all sorts or sh*t to me and some mates out the front of a nightclub. He was about 30 years old and i was pretty scared at the time. He kept saying i'll take you and all your mates as he walked towards us. I hit him as soon as he was in range with my fav straight right. I almost felt his jaw go down his throat, he smacked his head on the ground as he fell and started snoring just like that, i thought i had killed him and sprinted off.

I ended up seeing him later that night sitting on a gutter with a split lip waving a $50 note in the air calling for someone to get him a taxi. I ran up, grabbed that $50 and legged it again. Was one of the funniest situations i'v ever been in
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