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Default Re: Robert Helenius...

Originally Posted by RazzAxx View Post

Liakhovich - 35 years old
Peter - 30
Levin - 34
Tony - 33

None of them seems to be too far away from their prime in age for a heavy weight compared to, for example:

Vitali Klitschko - 40 years old
Wladimir Klitschko - 35

Some might even say that a heavy weight quite often reaches his prime around 30-35 years old.

Robert is 27 and everyone is here saying he is still far away from his prime. Meanwhile, some clowns claim he is beating past prime old men like a 30 year old Peter. Haters are gonna hate. Robert is never going to be the most popular HW ever since he is not from a big boxing country and is not the kind of individual who would care much about acting outside the ring to boost hype about himself, but he will be notified as one of the biggest punchers in the game after his career is over. And purely based on the results and what he does in the ring, unlike the numerous guys who will be/are remembered mostly for what they did outside the ring.
jesus **** where to start...peter while not being on this planet for as long as wlad and vitali has been in 3 brutal fights with the klit brothers alone he was also slapped silly by in that sence he was old and past it he was out of shape ect ect...the white wolf has been through some wars and hadnt fought in over a year and still boxed roberts ears off untill he gassed..brewster again has took some terrible beatings and was past it....i dont even need to talk about gregory or levin are you insane lol...bydenko is the only win i give him credit for and even that isnt all to great...
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