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Originally Posted by Juxhin View Post
then yes, if there only a very small difference in weight then its nothin, but if its example a 16oz glove and with all the wieght it is 20+ oz then i personally would feel uncomfortable with it. Other then that goodjob on the work and looks like your taking it serious. As far as price it goes very simple "You get what you pay for" its obviously not for a newcomer but any above average boxer would get it if its got good reviews and ratings
My team is taking this very seriously. The project counts for 30% in 4 different classes so it's difficult not to. Besides that, good data from surveys make our lives easier and it's good to inform athletes about the potential of such a product coming to market. I mean, maybe my team won't be mass producing such a thing, but I wouldn't be surprised to see one of the major companies do some prototypes.

Shows like Mythbusters and Deadliest Warrior make ad hoc contraptions with similar concepts that always show amazing statistics. Great shows and great technology. I really wonder what happens to all those contraptions...Giant warehouse? But I digress...
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