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Default Re: Heavyweight Champions--Who would be the best in MMA?

Dempsey did wrestle, as well as streetfight, and compete in bare knuckle fisticuffs. It's well known how, when he was desperate for money, Jack would go into saloons and announce "I can't sing, and I can't dance, but I can lick any SOB in the house!" If his challenge was accepted, bets would be placed. He rarely lost these barroom brawls. (This is part of his mass appeal; the fact that he could do it in the ring as well as the street.)

Jim Corbett beat the **** out of Joe Choynski in streetfights, before he kayoed him in the ring. (This was before Choynski trashed Jack Johnson in three.) Corbett might be a dark horse candidate. Foreman had superhuman strength. (Considering how easily he shoves around hulking growth substance enhanced bodybuilder types like Holyfield and Morrison with boxing gloves on, what would happen if he was wearing equipment that enabled him to grip his opponent?)
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