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Default Pacquiao/Marquez III: Sh*t just got real

Before I thought this fight was a joke. I thought we were getting the wool pulled over our eyes again as Manny tried to act like beating a 38 year old Marquez at WW meant something. They tried to sell us on this being a grudge match despite the two laughing and singing together on the press tour like a couple of school girls. But now, everything has changed. Apparently, Marquez has been wearing a shirt that says "We were robbed". Well it looks like the fun and games are over with, as team Pacquiao has taken exception to the shirt.

Freddy Roach on the shirt;

“When ­Marquez wore that ­T-shirt, he ­embarrassed Manny a ­little bit. It was a slap in the face and I think Manny will pay him back.”

Manny Pacquiao on the shirt;

“I’ve never been so moti­vated as I am for this fight. I ­almost can’t wait for it...I want to prove that he was wrong in wearing that ­T-shirt...So this is kind of a special fight, the most important fight in my boxing career, because I want this fight to be the answer to all the doubts that have been raised.”

Fight fans, **** just got ****en real. Expect an all out war that will bring closure and erase all doubts. Finally, we will learn who is...mas macho.

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