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Default Re: Pacquiao/Marquez III: Sh*t just got real

Originally Posted by mr. piff View Post
They say the truth hurts

The only reason for someone to be upset over a shirt llike that is if the quote on it were true.

The fact that all three, Pac, Roach, and Ariza squirm and get upset over a quote on a shirt, says alot.

Those 3 stooges know who won both those fights, and they're upset its exposed on a shirt.

Notice how team Pac talks **** about how Manny is a different beast now and that he'll knock Marquez out inside 5 rounds.........I dont see team Marquez going into a hissy fit over it.
......and why should they? Why get upset over something they know is all talk?

If the shoe fits, wear it........and those stooges over at team Pacquiao's camp are all wearing clown shoes upset over a shirt.
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